Here is a small questionnaire concerning NACRE

Please take some time to test your knowledge in nuclear astrophysics


1) The screening potential in the 3He+3He reaction is about
3 eV
30 eV
300 eV

2) The NACRE compilation has 2 coordinators. One is Marcel Arnould, and the other one is:
Carmen Angulo
Bill Clinton
Claus Rolfs

3) In the 7Be(p,g)8B reaction, the low-energy resonance is:
1+ at 633 keV
1- at 633 keV
2+ at 725 keV

4) Writing 1 page about the Hauser-Feshbach theory took:
less than one day
one month
more than one year

5) For the a+a+n reaction at T9=0.01, the NACRE collaboration gives a ratio with the Caltech compilation equal to:

6) If you contact the Stuttgart group for a question about 13C(a,n)16O, you get:
No reply
A reply about 13C(a,n)16O
A reply about 17O(a,n)20Ne

7) The S(0) value for the 3H(a,g)7Li reaction is:
0.10 0.02 keV-b
0.25 0.06 keV-b
9.1 1.3 MeV-b

8) In some resonant reactions, such as 13N(p,g)14O, a negligible correction must be included. This correction is called:
Screening correction
Overshooting correction
Direct-capture correction

9) The enhancement of the 9Be(p,d) and 9Be(p,a) S-factors at low energies is due to:
A screening effect
An unknown effect
A subthreshold state

10) The Hauser-Feshbach theory is valid when:
The temperature is low
The level density is high
The incident particle is a proton